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What TO Expect

Unlike conventional accelerators, COACT maximizes impact over profit and is activating a community of change makers for support. We believe our most urgent purpose is to heal the damage we have caused our biosphere and our climate.

We are looking for innovators that share this vision, and are actively working on early to mid-stage technologies solving urgent environmental challenges in our focus verticals.

COACT provides space, lab access and customized mentorship to our residents at the Valldaura campus 20 minutes outside of Barcelona. Here, you have the space, tools, and support necessary to develop radical solutions to the challenges facing our planet.

Workspace & Tools

Residents are provided workspace and access to a world class Fab Lab, biology space & wood shop.


We offer on site accommodation and catering.


Customized coaching & expert mentors from various areas  supporting projects on-site and remotely.


Residents will be connected to the fab lab network, industry experts & a community of citizens to support and implement solutions

We appreciate that solutions come from a variety of different people, places, and organisational structures. Therefore our relationships with innovators are flexible and evolving.

The Space

The Valldaura campus, a renovated monastery, sits 20 minutes from the center of Barcelona set in 130 hectares of forest.

Facilities include a FabLab, wood shop, a permaculture farm and biological science station to meet a wide range of green tech development needs.

About Living

COACT offers on site catering and accommodation for our innovators, allowing full project immersion during our incubation programs.

Beautiful common spaces, bathrooms, and communal dining areas will meet the living needs of our innovators.

The Lab

Residents can expect full access to a world class Green Fab Lab, a unique node in theglobal network of Fab Lab.
Equipment includes full scale and desktop CNC mills, large and mid size laser cutters, 3D printers, electronics soldering station, and a biological science station.


Not every problem demands a hi-tech solution. The hands-on wood shop provides tools & craft for low tech designs.

Since the lab is based in the forest, prototyping materials for the wood shop can often be harvested zero kilometres from the work space.


COACT Lab is seeking early stage projects in the hardware and software space working towards environmental impact maximisation in the following verticals:
Agriculture & 
Food Innovation
Urban Sustainability

Open SOurce

Anyone can make, improve, sell and build on the technologies


Focusing on tech that meets the environmental challenges we face


Encouraging use and participation from people around the world


Designed with the end use and local material availability in mind


Utilises the global infrastructure of Fab Labs to scale potential impact


Applying circular principles and material & resource optimisation

PEOPLE we are looking for

We open our doors to everyone from makers and software hackers to scientists and self-taught engineers; a diverse community of innovators from all around the globe. Certifications are helpful, but not required.
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