Pilot Project

In September 2019 we hosted our first innovator Daniel Connell.

At COACT, Daniel developed an open source low-cost hydro turbine that helps making clean energy available to low-income communities.

To learn more check out the video we produced for the crowdfunding campaign.

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TEchnolgy Area
Technology Area

Low-Tech Infrastructure
Clean Energy

Project Details

Duration: 1 month
Used Facilities: Fab Lab


Developed a Low-Cost Hydroturbine that can supply 2/3 of the energy needs of a Western Suburban Home at material costs of 40€


FOREST Innovation Sprint
Reforestation is one of the most effective ways to tackle climate change.  During our first Innovation Sprint (Dec-19 - Feb20), COACT hosted 2 projects, working on technologies in the areas of Forest Restoration & Biodiversity Protection.
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