The BAckground

Use of technology has separated us from nature and destabilised the balance of our climate. Technology must find a new purpose; to repair our natural systems, help life to thrive, and connect as many humans as possible to the process of change.

Short-sighted tech helped cause this dilemma, far-sighted tech can help fix it.

Climate-IMpactful Areas

Our Focus

COACT exists to help technologists and technologies in the following areas to develop into impact maximising companies, organisations and projects.
reforestation & Agriculture
OCEan Conservation
Urban Sustainability
Pollutant Reduction
Animal Conservation
CO2 Reduction
How we make an Impact


We are an impact-maximizing incubator helping innovators develop open source solutions to the world‘s most pressing ecological and climate related challenges.

We invite innovators, makers and entrepreneurs from around the globe to work on early-stage tech solutions.

Open SOurce

Anyone can make, improve, sell and build on the technologies


Focusing on tech that meets the environmental challenges we face


Fostering an environment to focus,
build, and share with the world


COACT Lab is located at IAAC’s Valldaura Campus in the hills 20 minutes from downtown Barcelona, surrounded by 130 hectares of forest.

Surrounded by the forest, the sky and state of the art prototyping tools, we invite you to join us in incubating a greener future.
Who we Are Looking for


We open our doors to everyone from makers and software hackers to scientists and self-taught engineers; a diverse community of innovators from all around the globe

Key to achieving a residency is the quality of vision for a solution, and a core competency required to reach that vision.
About Residencies


We’re looking for innovators, makers, artists, funders, dreamers, doers, activists, scientists engineers, designers; all citizens who want to create a balanced world in which life can thrive.

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